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A professional fast learner, with experience in the IT management, capable of technical troubleshooting to identify and solve problems.

Guide to choose web hosting

If you want to use the Internet, you need to have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and many ISPs include a small amount of free Web space to create Web pages quickly and easily. ISP Web pages are perfect for people who want to put up small sites with low amounts of traffic. There are …

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Can you trust your social network

I’m sure some of you already been familiar with,,,,, and so on. But as time passes by you require features and security that doesn’t come up with the above mentioned sites. I’ve been to all of the above mentioned sites, well they are not able to meet my requirements. Looking for flexibility, security, storage, blogging, streaming, customization and distribution options. Then i went to multiply. Day by day i study it. They have some unique feature that really impressed me on far extent while others can’t even go near to it. Multiply is social network with a great combination of security and distribution measures. Multiply has an Ajax/web 2.0 based interface which is another unique thing you can’t just forget off.

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Backgammon Masters the Backgammon Network

Internet has many websites to help you pass the time away and ease boredom. Some of these online distractions come in the form of Internet games that you can pay to play or as a free form of entertainment. Some of the available outlets allow you to playing online backgammon. Backgammon is a simple race game, the object is to move the pieces around the board towards your inner table. Once all 15 of your pieces have arrived in the inner table, they can be removed from the board. The first player to remove all his pieces from the board is the winner. Although the play is highly skilful, the fact that the moves rely on the roll of the dice introduces an element of luck allowing even a novice to win the odd game against a world champion.

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How to choose Light Fixtures in Home Lighting

Choosing the right head Light Fixture for your Home these days can be a daunting task. There is a lot of different lights out there, for a bunch of different purposes. The first question you’ll need to ask yourself when choosing a Light Fixture is what do you want the light to do? Are you looking for a light to see with, how much do you want to spend? A good starting point is This helpful web site will provide you with a visual example of how much illumination each of our lights puts out.

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Spotlight on the Dark Web

Terrorists don’t use the Internet solely to recruit members, spread their ideology, and raise funds for their activities. They also use it to conduct their own internal debates, creating a rich pool of information For analysis by counterterrorist groups, Gabriel Weimann, a professor of communication at the University of Haifa, Israel, and author of the book Terror on the Internet monitored just 12 Web sites operated by terrorist groups in 1998. Today he monitors 5,800, Intelligence agencies are having trouble keeping up with the volume. That’s why researchers from the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Arizona have developed a set of automated tools to collect and analyze terrorist content on the Internet in a systematic way. The project, named the Dark Web, uses Web spidering to find and catalog millions of Web pages, postings to terrorist forums, videos, and other multimedia content. The Dark Web has identify seven …

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Determine Your Backup Process

There are nearly as many ways to back up your business data as there are ways to lose the data and require that backup. Products available to perform archiving duties range from the venerable tape Backup to newer technologies such as hard drive, CD, and DVD, or even remote storage facilities, no matter which you select the principles of data backup are the same, and it’s important to understand which data needs to get backed up, how often, and for how long. The first step is pure common sense, yet it is frequently skipped,Conduct a thorough analysis and inventory of existing systems with a focus on data storage, it will be tedious, but you need to catalog the Location, owner, and importance of each bit of data. The alternative is to back up everything, wasting time by writing extraneous files and wasting money on extra media. That total backup solution …

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Internet’s pioneer custom t-shirt printing

Having a shirt tailored to your own special needs allows you to choose the design of your choice in the fabric you want. It could be domestic or imported fabric in fine cotton or silk, or may be oxford or twill. Plain, stripes, solids or prints, the preference is yours alone. Maybe you want to stand out as unique and have contrast trim on your shirt or want stripes running down the side. The measurements for your neck, sleeves, body, tail, chest, coat, height, weight, waist, and inseam will all be taken individually to ensure that you get the right fit. Tshirt Printing is an online resource for international Internet’s pioneer custom t-shirt printing sites related companies, offer with most comprehensive source to find and post your business. Tshirt Printing is to assist you company in expanding business abroad, thousands of visitors from around the globe use Tshirt Printing website …

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The Leading Providers Shopping Cart

Shopping cart Ashop is the most comprehensive low-cost ecommerce package available today. It includes everything a small business needs to design, build and manage its own secure web store. Ashop offers great value, ease of use, flexibility and a wide range of features to deliver a powerful ecommerce store. Backed up by comprehensive support options and a ready-made upgrade path to more advanced functionality, Ashop provides a platform to build a successful online store. BENEFITS OF ECOMMERCE SHOPPING CARTS Easy to use and intuitive Windows interface. Complete design and store layout flexibility to create your own unique, customized store, Powerful marketing and merchandising features to assist in growing your online business, extensive store management functionality for easy and efficient store operation. Flexible product catalogue including digital products, Independence to integrate with all the leading online payment gateways and commercial hosting providers.

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Domain Registration

One of the first steps in setting up an online business or blog is to domain name registration your domain name. It’s very easy to do, as long as you know where to go and understand the terminology, make sure your domain name has not been registered by someone else by doing a “whois” search. Most domain registration sites maintain a whois database, but I generally use paylessdomains, enter the domain name you want to check into the online form, some “whois” Search forms make you enter a code contained in an on-screen graphic. This is to prevent overuse of the system by automated systems. If you are asked for the code, enter it. The results of the whois search will tell you if anyone already owns the name. If the name is taken, you will have to select another one. If it is unregistered, you can proceed. The most …

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