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A professional fast learner, with experience in the IT management, capable of technical troubleshooting to identify and solve problems.

Network Security Policies and Procedures

By Douglas W. Frye 235 pages | PDF | 9.191 KB | Download | Password: network Technology is progressing at an astounding pace, and many organizations are working so hard to implement the technologies they need to survive need to understand how their network security policies and procedures regimen fits into the picture. Technical workers …

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The IT Service Management Processes and Activities, Roles and Responsibilities Job Description

By Gerard Blokdijk 167 pages | PDF | 2.060 KB | Download | Password: it Many organizations are looking to implement the ITIL processes as a way to improve the structure and quality of the business. This document describes the contents of the Roles & Responsibilities Workbook. The information found within the Workbook is based on the ITIL Version 3 framework, focusing on five phases of the ITIL Lifecycle. The Workbook is designed to answer a lot of the questions about the roles and responsibilities of various process owners, as well as other parties involved in the Service Lifecycle, and provide you with useful guides and user-friendly templates. The Workbook serves to act as a starting point. It will give you a clear path to travel. It is designed to be a valuable source of information and activity. Within each Lifecycle phase, there are a number of documents that outline …

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Hackers Beware

By Eric Cole New Riders Publishingh | 817 pages | PDF | 5.017 KB | Download | Password: hacker No matter what field you work in, you cannot help but notice the impact that the Internet has had on society. It has opened up opportunities and markets that people only dreamed of before. As with any new technology, there is always a positive and negative aspect. The positive side is the tremendous business opportunities. The negative side is the huge security risk that is now posed to so many companies, yet few companies are truly aware of the potential danger. It’s like getting in a brand new car and driving down the road at 80mph, only to realize that the engineers did not equip the car with breaks. If this did occur and a large number of people bought the car, the net result would be a high number of …

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By Stephen A. Bender Elsevier Ltd.| English | 233 pages | PDF | 9.561 KB | Download | Password: project A project is an organised effort to a specific, typically one-time, goal. We will be looking at projects not only in business but also personally, including home life, raising a family-even self-improvement. It is important to understand what a project is and what it is not. There are many things that go on in a company, or even in a household, that one does not consider to be projects, for example: On-going operational work or day-today repetitive actions, the structure of the work is known, typically via a series of procedures. While the content may differ, the actions to carry out the content are the same, such as running routine errands, making a meal, or seeking family entertainment; Customer service actions, once designed, are not projects so long as the work …

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Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers

By Jason Buffington Wiley Publishing, Inc| English | 530 pages | PDF | 7.874 KB | Download | Password: datacenter When an operating system or an application is initially created (version 1), there are lots of features that cannot be included. After all, if the manufacturer waited until every feature was included, it would never ship. Instead, it is released as a hopefully high-quality product but with several missing features or use scenarios that are left for third-party partners to fill. Certainly, that was true for most aspects of data protection or resiliency in regard to Windows. For the first several years, from Windows NT 3.1 through Windows Server 2003, an ecosystem developed that offered richer backup solutions and more flexible data replication and failover solutions to meet the needs of Microsoft customers. But around 2003, some of those needs started being met by the core products themselves. This included …

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Android for Work

By Marziah Karch Après| English | 309 pages | PDF | 10.841 KB | Download | Password: android Android is still innovating very rapidly, both from operating system (OS) upgrades and phone vendor modifications, and new Android-based phones are being released all the time. This book was written mainly using a Google Nexus One running Android 2.1 and 2.2. The Nexus One model was both powerful and carrier neutral, so it seemed an ideal choice. ChangeWave is a research network that examines technological trends for investors through surveys and focus groups. According to a ChangeWave survey, 6 percent of those surveyed wanted their next phone to run Android in September of 2009. Three months later, 21 percent of users wanted one. Only 4 percent of those surveyed actually had an Android phone. That’s quite a leap for an operating system (OS) that was only available on one phone the year …

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I Tweet, You Tweet, We All Tweet

By Kyle Lacy Wiley Publishing, Inc| English | 315 pages | PDF | 8.450 KB | Download | Password: itweet This idea of communicating on the Internet is continually evolving, and with Twitter, you have the opportunity to reach millions of people in a matter of seconds. The future of online communication is rendering business owners lifeless because of how slow they are to adopt new technology for communication. What if your customers stopped using the phone and moved somewhere else? Would you be ready? Twitter life, and the rest just details? Not exactly, but Twitter can help you create a sustainable communication model to drive more leads, revenue, and customer evangelists to your product. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend countless hours researching how to use Twitter to market your products. Imagine a world in which millions upon millions of potential customers are talking, sharing …

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Small business survival tips

You’re probably tired of hearing right now about how tough times are for small businesses. After all, you’re living with that reality every day. What you need is some concrete advice for how to save money, reduce costs and improve your efficiency while still delivering the excellent customer service that’s the backbone of your business. No doubt you’ve been trimming costs wherever you can find them (a great practice for both businesses and families!), but there may be a whole landscape you haven’t explored for savings yet. We’ve compiled nine tips designed to help you mine your business for opportunities to save money while building a strong foundation for future growth. Let’s get started! Find out in this two-part series: “Small business survival tips.” Tip 1: Print your marketing materials in-house You may think that there’s no way you have the time, expertise or equipment to produce professional-quality materials in-house. …

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Quick Guide to Backup and Recovery

What needs to be backed up? A full backup of your PC’s hard drive is recommended to guarantee your operating system and all your important files are protected. A partial backup will protect only selected files and applications. Before deciding on partial backup, keep in mind all the irreplaceable information stored on your hard drive. A full backup solution provides the most comprehensive way to protect data on your PC, though there are situations where partial backup is sufficient, such as when you are working exclusively on one large project. How often to back up your files Full system backups can be automated to run daily, weekly or continuously. Or you can do a complete backup instantly just by plugging in a SimpleSave drive. The frequency should depend on how often you are adding or changing important files on your hard drive. A good rule of thumb? Back up your …

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